The Sphinx Pendant

Our Handmade Necklaces Help by promoting the metaphysical properties of the stones and crystals inside them. Oh Yeah, They also look great and are the perfect accessories to go along with any fashion.


Pendant is Aprox 1 3/4" x 3/4"


This Pendant includes:


The Sphinx

The Great Sphinx stands on the plain of Gizeh in Egypt, communicating its message of love, devotion, and overcoming as it has done for the past six thousand years. The message it carries is timeless: It is the Sphinx's love for God which causes an inner victory over the lower forces of its own nature.


Moon Stone

Stone of New beginnings, helps one focus on the positive of change. Calm, Yin energy. Solar Plexus


The Sphinx Pendant

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  • Necklace length comes in three sizes. 18", 24", 26". each necklace can adjust up to 2" longer than its original size. Please indicate what size you want in the custom text field.

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