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Welcome to our Shop! Each of our Orgonite pieces have been carefully Handmade with the best of intentions. All Stones and Crystals have been cleansed in Sage, programed with good intentions such as Love, Good Health, Prosperity, Wealth and Positive energy. They are all also Charged in the sun and during the creation of these Orgonite pieces we always have positive music with healing frequencies such as 432hz & 528hrz etc. We recommend putting Orgonite in each room especially in high traffic areas like the living room or where a lot of time is spent like the bedroom.

NOTE: Keep in mind that not all pieces of jewelry are considered Orgonite even though they may have Stones & Crystals that promote metaphysical properties. Orgonite generates Orgone energy through it's Metal, Resin & Crystal Matrix. So pieces that do not contain all three parts are not considered Orgonite.